25 April – Manifestation at the Detention Center

25 April – Manifestation at the Detention Center

11 April 2022 Off By passamontagna

by No CPR Turin – published on 7/04/2022

Two months after the beginning of ORS s.r.l.’s mandate to manage the CPR (detention center) in Turin, the situation inside the centre remains aberrant.

The centre is filling up again: every day new people are brought in and after a swab and a superficial visit by the usual Dr. Pitanti they are kept in isolation in the “Ospedaletto” for two weeks. The confiscation of personal telephones on entry continues, and the daily conditions of survival continue to be gruesome: the food is practically rotten and the toilets in the dilapidated structures do not work. Deportations continue and people are taken from the areas in the middle of the night to be transferred to the airport by police buses. Continuous acts of self-harm and protests are violently suppressed.

We return under the walls of the CPR, against jails and borders, in solidarity with the imprisoned people.

On the 25th of April, for the freedom of all.

5 pm