Update from Turin’s

Update from Turin’s
23 April 2022 Off By passamontagna

published on 2022/04/21 on No Cpr Torino 

Two months after the beginning of the mandate of ORS s.r.l. for the management of the CPR (detention center)  in Turin, protests and riots follow one another in the Centre.

We received a phone call from two detainees who wanted to tell us what has been happening in these weeks in the centre in Corso Brunelleschi.

The open areas are the Yellow, Blue, Green and White areas, while the Red and Purple areas are being renovated. There are 72 people in the centre, 25 of them in the Yellow area. New people are admitted daily and once they have received the covid swab and a brief examination by Dr Pitanti, they are isolated in the hospital for a fortnight and then transferred to the areas following a second swab. It should be remembered that the so-called Ospedaletto area was closed in September with great media fanfare and ceremoniousness following yet another death in isolation; a closure that was evidently temporary to calm the agitated waters during the investigation into Moussa’s murder.

The confiscation of personal telephones at the entrance continues, a repressive practice that has been adopted for some time now to further hinder communication with the outside world and limit the possibility of establishing solidarity relations. The daily conditions continue to be appalling: the food is delivered practically rotten, the facilities are dilapidated and each prisoner is given €2.50 a day, which must be enough to buy the very expensive products in the market or the phone cards needed to use the cabins and communicate with the outside world.

Even the deportations do not stop. After the swab is administered, people are taken from the areas in the middle of the night to be transferred to the airport via police buses. The self-determination of the detained persons takes daily shape in acts of protest, sometimes self-destructive, which in some cases lead to the possibility of escaping from the CPR but are also a means to escape deportation.

On the 18th of March, there was a strong revolt in the centre, immediately suppressed by the police, who also made an arrest and a transfer to prison, in solidarity with a person who had been seriously injured to avoid deportation and who had received bandages as the only treatment. These rebellions are born and carried out out of the determination and anger of people who decide not to bend to the continuous harassment and repression of the servants in uniform.

We have also received news that in recent weeks people imprisoned in the White Area have gone on hunger strike in solidarity with those who have resisted deportation and against the daily humiliations in the CPR.

We remember that on the 25th of April we will be back under the walls of the CPR, to bring our solidarity to the imprisoned and struggling people.