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Published on No Cpr Torino – 8/02/2023

🔥 After the strong riots that inflamed the CPR in Turin on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 February, we have been confirmed, by those who are still inside, that most of the areas are uninhabitable. The total capacity of the centre has been drastically reduced by the fire.

Of the six detention sections, only the Green area remains fully open with around 25 people inside. In the Blue area, which was further destroyed during the riots, 11 people remain imprisoned between the canteen room and the only room left fit for use.
Three people were hospitalised after violent beatings by police, carabinieri and financial police who intervened to try to quell the riots.
From the testimonies we have collected, a group of inmates were transferred to prison in flagrante delicto because of the identifications made by the ‘charlies’ (the civil people who work inside the center) who recognised the perpetrators of the fires and also thanks to the video recognition of the surveillance system operating inside the centre.

⚫️ After sequestering 28 people in a CPR warehouse for almost 24 hours and leaving others sleeping on the floor in the canteen rooms without mattresses or blankets, the transfers began.
A few were released with a decree of expulsion from Italian territory, while most were transported to the CPR of Macomer in the province of Nuoro.

In particular, 25 people, picked up in two tranches during the night between the 6th and 7th, left at 8 am from the Turin CPR on a police bus towards Milan airport to then land in Sardinia and be taken to Macomer.
From the inmates’ accounts it emerges that the Sardinian CPR is even more degrading than the one in Turin. A structure similar to a maximum security prison. The cells are ‘smooth’. A bed, a table and no blanket. The sections are underground – a constant in the island’s detention centres – and divided into blocks of eight. One cell of four and two of two. There is no external sociality between different blocks and the possibility of contact with other inmates is impossible.

💥 On the days of the 7th and 8th, we were witnessed from inside that the sudden pick-ups of people in the rooms continued and the subsequent transfers, apparently always in the direction of Macomer.
Anyone who opposed the transfer was badly beaten up by the police.

⚫️ In recent days, the deportations have continued mainly to Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt with transfers involving small groups of people, sometimes just one person as in the case of an Egyptian boy deported last night. According to testimonies, during the deportations people are violently picked up by the police and sedated with an injection in the infirmary before leaving.

The new rule inside the CPR in Corso Brunelleschi is that no inmate can use their own liquid money except through an internal account, making it even more restricted to buy anything.
It also limits the possibility of buying phone cards and thus telling the outside world what is going on.
Communication is further impeded by guards who often physically interrupt calls.

⇒ On No Cpr Torino are published some audios with testimonies from the last few days.

Taking to the streets in solidarity with the rioters
Meeting point in piazza CLN (Torino)
2.30 p.m.