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source – NoCpr Torino

A company that wants to be ‘green’, social, smart. Which sells itself as ‘feminist’, with ‘67% female employees’. Which insists on its ‘ethical’ offer, its social and environmental responsibility.
All the ‘washes’ in the world: green, pink, blue. Social-washing.
For the past two months, it has been working on the renovation and reopening of the Turin CPR (detention centre), closed thanks to the inmates’ revolt in February.
According to the site, its vision is: “To promote respect for the planet through the provision of cutting-edge eco-sustainable services capable of creating employment and widespread well-being.”
Collaborating to reopen a place of torture and administrative detention seems very much in line with this ‘mission’.

Who is L’Operosa Spa?
As the website tells us, L’Operosa SPA “deals with integrated Facility Management services, designed to take care of spaces and people, with a view to a sustainable future. L’Operosa SPA intervenes in places where the community lives, works, produces, learns and receives care’. In this case where it is imprisoned, segregated, tortured and deported, we should add.
The company provides numerous services, both public and private. “5 divisions integrated into one vision.
– Soft Facility Management (cleaning services, logistics, catering support, waste etc.)
– Sanicleaning & Disinfection Service (Hygiene, sanitation and environmental disinfection services)
– Parking Service
– Hard Facility (Management & Energy Service Maintenance and operation of building installations and energy efficiency projects)
– Building (Plant design and building automation solutions)
A company that has already begun building maintenance and systems design work in the Turin CPR and could potentially cover several phases of intervention in the structure’s reconstruction plan.
Operosa makes 66% of its turnover in cleaning. However, various maintenance and building services play a not insignificant part in its annual earnings, which in 2021 amounted to over 99 million euros.
It is not a small company, quite the contrary. ‘Integra’ is another company belonging to the Operosa Group, specialising in software, platforms and IT infrastructures.
Operosa Scarl also holds 75% of the shares of Centro Agricultura Ambiente G. Nicoli. The company also has a permanent establishment in Spain (L’Operosa Espana), where it opened an office in Valencia in 2018. In 2019, its services even arrived in Croatia, where it is called L’Operosa Facility Management D.o.o.

Just by browsing a little through the site, one realises the already very close links with the police forces.
Operosa SPA has for years been “entrusted with the cleaning and environmental hygiene services as well as other additional services to be performed in all buildings used as barracks for public administrations (…)”.
Basically, the cleaning and hygiene services (and not only) of all the barracks in the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto, Marche, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Umbria, Lazio, Campania and Molise are in the hands of the company.
Little wonder if it also grabs some services in the Centres of Permanence for Repatriation!

The recent decrees on migratory flows (Cutro decree in the lead) and the state of emergency imposed introduce the possibility of derogating from the provisions on tenders until 2025 with regard to the construction of the Centres of Permanence for Repatriation. This means that even the tenders may no longer be public, nor established by the normal – and public – tenders.
The collaboration of companies in the reconstruction and reopening of the Turin CPR and other administrative detention centres and hotspots will therefore be more opaque than before, allowing complicity in the construction of real lagers to remain hidden.

Yet, just as through the riots the anger of the detainees has leaked out, information on the works in the centre in Corso Brunelleschi has also managed to emerge.
We call on everyone to hold L’Operosa accountable, to make them understand that they cannot and will not act in secret. No collaboration with CPR!

Numerous emails can be written to. Here are just a few, the others can be found on the website: amministrazione@operosa.it, odv@operosa.it, quas@operosa.it, gestionerisorseumane@operosa.it

Here is also the telephone number of Operosa spa: 0516047600