The Occupied Customs calls

The Occupied Customs calls

31 July 2021 Off By passamontagna

The first day in the occupied customs house was intense and participated.
The works on the construction of the self-organised refuge continued uninterruptedly and we maintained a massive presence inside and outside the building. There was an immediate and widespread solidarity from both sides of the Alps.
The shy and awkward presence of the cops did not affect the group’s activities and mood at all.

There is still a lot to do!

Tomorrow is a day of collective work: join us!
Dinner will be shared at 8 p.m. The means are what they are, bring what you would like to find.
If you want to stay overnight, bring a mattress and sleeping bag.
Monday morning BREAKborderFAST from 7am.

We still need many materials:
mattresses, blankets, food, pots and pans and everything for the kitchen, cleaning supplies, rubbish cans, water cans, chairs, sofas, tables…

Occupied customs
Cracked border