Collective hunger strike in the detention centre in Macomer (Sardinia)

Collective hunger strike in the detention centre in Macomer (Sardinia)

5 March 2023 Off By passamontagna

A collective hunger strike started yesterday morning in the CPR of Macomer to protest against the disgusting conditions of detention.

Source: No CPR Macomer


Collective hunger strike in the CPR (administrative detention centre) of Macomer

“This morning a collective hunger strike started in the CPR of Macomer to protest against the cruel detention conditions.
It is cold, the heating works little or nothing, even hot water is scarce or even absent on certain days. The blankets are ‘covers’. Too small and thin. Either you cover your upper body or your lower body. “Today I put on three socks,” they tell us.
The food is inedible and “bad for the stomach”.
The cleaning of the detention areas and toilets is done once a week, and the inmates cannot be made to use the material to keep the spaces they live in clean. Making them use brooms, mops, etc. is too dangerous!
They complain that the centre’s mediators do not correctly translate what they say and what is told to them.
We are told that several people have health problems. When they feel unwell, or when they even faint, once they are rescued by their companions they have to wait up to hours before receiving assistance from nurses or doctors. They tell that when needed ‘the doctor is never there’ or so they are told. Any health problem they complain about “they never have medicine here”.
Also imprisoned in the CPR are people who have lived in Italy for many years and who have children and family here.
This is not the first protest. Even a few weeks ago some people climbed onto the roof of the CPR. In the general silence.
In short, even today the protest is aimed at affirming the ‘fundamental rights’ of the person: ‘they prevent us from enjoying our most basic rights’. “It’s not life here”.
On Friday afternoon, an attempt was made to deliver parcels with food and phone cards, the result of a public collection in solidarity with the people deprived of their liberty in the CPR of Macomer. But no parcel can enter without first being authorised by the Prefecture, the security check at the entrance by the police is not enough. One has to wait for the arrival of the authorisation. Updates on the outcome of our requests will follow.
CPRs are notoriously places of segregation and discrimination where foreigners are deprived of their personal freedom because they do not have a valid document, not because they have committed a crime.
The foreigner is not the enemy. The illegal foreigner is not a criminal!
Let us not leave them alone in the defence of their rights!
The CPRs cannot be humanised, they must all be closed.”