A support fund for the Brenner convicts

A support fund for the Brenner convicts

23 October 2023 Off By passamontagna

source: Ilrovescio.info

The appeal verdict in the trial for the demonstration at the Brenner Pass of the 7th May 2016 doled out more than 120 years in prison. If the sentences are confirmed in the Court of Cassazione, the last stage, around 30 comrades could end up behind bars, several others would need a home where they can serve house arrests, and the expenses to be borne in all cases will not be lacking.

We were together at the demonstration “Break the borders” and as much together as possible we would like to deal with the repression, so no one has to deal with it alone.

This is why we decided to set up a solidarity fund.

Not only an account number to which financial contributions can be sent, but also a contact to ask for information material, to arrange possible interventions at concerts or other solidarity initiatives, and a space in which we can exchange ideas.

Since May 2016, times have not changed for the better. The slaughter of migrants at sea continues, and the fences of administrative detention expand. Police terror increases towards those who do not have the right piece of paper in their pockets. Workers in logistics and the fields try to organise and resist against state racism and exploitation by employers. Rearmament plans and wars intensify, uprooting millions of humans from their world, crushing those who do not stay in line, as increasingly refined technological control separates the included from the excluded.

The reasons for which we fought at the Brenner Pass have only multiplied.

Financial contributions can be made to IBAN IT04H3608105138216260316268

in the name of Kamilla Bezerra (specifying ‘solidarity Brennero’).

For contacts:


Here are some useful links on the reasons, modalities and consequences of the Brenner demonstration: