11 December 2023 Off By passamontagna

we receive and we share

Le Pado is a squat on the French-Italian border in Briançon (34A avenue de la République). The squat opened at the beginning of August with the aim of welcoming people wishing to stay longer in Briançon than local associations would allow. During the autumn, it was the only place to welcome people who had just crossed the border on foot. Since then, the refuge des terrasses (run by the association le refuge solidaire) has reopened, and the Pado is now home to many people, a place of life and activity where many different paths cross.

Normally protected until March by the winter truce, we learned this morning of the decision by Briançon town hall to issue us with an order of imminent peril, cancelling the deadline given by the courts and giving us 36 hours to vacate the premises!
The justifications for this order are mostly absurd, blaming poor hygiene and the risk of fire due to the electrical installations, these 2 problems being caused by the town hall itself, which has been trying for months to cut off the building’s water and electricity.

We call on you to come and support the Pado against its eviction as soon as possible!
(we can be evicted from 6am on Wednesday).

Shame on Briançon mayor Arnaud Murgia and his racist policies.