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The passamontagna - is a sort of hat used to protect oneself from the cold

and is also used by those who wish to protect their identity

This website is meant to share

reflections, practices and experiences about the struggle

against the borders and the states that need them

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About the three PASSAMONTAGNA days and other With the Camping Itinérant Passamontagna, we walked three days on the roads and the paths of these border mountains. We crossed them in blocks, with music, by humming, and singing. We talked to each other and made assemblies and discussions about the border apparatus, the reception system, the…

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Daily life at the border

Daily life at the border

On the border between Claviere and Montgenevre it was another night of hunting for the migrant. Young racist and arrogant gendarmes continue to play the game of the war on mountain paths hiding in the rocks and trying to terrorize people that want to pass. Yet another attack on a group of boys, other wounds,…

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