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The passamontagna - is a sort of hat used to protect oneself from the cold

and is also used by those who wish to protect their identity

This website is meant to share

reflections, practices and experiences about the struggle

against the borders and the states that need them

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Police violence and harsh detention conditions at the CRA in Nîmes

Police violence and harsh detention conditions at the CRA in Nîmes

Published on 20 May 2022 – Marseilleanticra.noblog Four people locked up in the Nîmes administrative detention centre recount the very complicated situation they are currently in. In the administrative detention centre of Nîmes (CRA) the sanitary conditions are catastrophic, especially at the moment due to two simultaneous epidemics of scabies and coronavirus. The police do…

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Police strategies: false flight dates, false test refusals, false boarding refusals at the CRA in Marseille

Below is an article and the testimony of a detainee at the CRA in Marseille (detention centre) with an expulsion order to Italy under Dublin procedures on his back. from Marseilleanticra.noblogs.org The gendarmes’ lies send the people detained in the centre to prison. For example, one of them explains in this article how the police…

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